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11th-Jun-2006 01:23 am - VegChick
Kate Moss 1
Hi! i'm really new to veganism, I started in september '05 but unforunately i'm having some diffculties adapting. If anyone would like to make friends post in my journal. The more the merrier.

Name: (real) Allison (online) SeventeenKisses
Age: 17
Location: michigan
Contact: wballie@aol.com
Vegan, Vegetarian, or neither:
Favorite Food: vegan pizza/veggie burgers
Interests: alternative music,
Why did you join this community?: To meet vegans (maybe some hot Veg boys?)
What do you trade/swap?: e-mails is fine
What do you want from a penpal?: a buddy
Other things:
21st-Apr-2006 05:56 am - Animal Friendly Stuff for you!
Hey everybody, I just wanted to tell you about my rad website, www.organicskincareandmore.com I sell Arbonne products, which is a little bit like avon, but everything I sell ins 100% organic, and made from botanicals. There are all kinds of things, skin care, make-up, lotion, shampoo, baby care, aromatherapy, nutrition, weight loss, stuff for men, etc. Everything is really awesome, and not one thing has been tested on animals. All of the packaging is made from recycled materials, and there arent any artificial preservatives or oils in the products. They're all made from plants, including the make-up. I don't mean to advertise on here..well, obviously, to some extent, yes, but I knew how hard it was to find good stuff sometimes, that was animal friendly, so I'm just letting you know. And I became a consultant for Arbonne, so I could save money to start some rally's in Albuquerque, there aren't enough people who know about veganism. So at least check it out for me and let me know what you think, and if you buy something, your contributions are going to a great cause. Thanks! www.organicskincareandmore.com x-posted
19th-Apr-2006 12:22 am - rodney
We called him Rodney.
He was a tall, gangly, flea-bitten shepherd mix. One ear stood up, shepherd style, and the other flopped over and bounced against his head like a rag doll when he ran. His head and feet were too big for his thin but muscular body. A stale, musty odor accompanied him from flea-infested skin and neglected ears. Altogether, he wasn't much to look at - one of thousands of dogs facing the world without the luxury of an owner.

I was in my third year of veterinary school, and he came from the local dog pound. For the next quarter, four of us students would practice surgery training. He was always happy to see us - tail thumping widly against the walls of his small steel cage.

Rodney hadn't much of a life, so a pat on the butt and a little walk around the college complex made his day.

The first thing we did was neuter him, a seemingly benign project, except it took us an hour to complete the usual 20-minute procedure, and an anesthetic overdose kept him out for 36 hours. Afterward, he recovered his strength quickly and felt good.

Two weeks later, we did an abdominal exploratory, opening his abdomen, checking his organ inventory, and closing him again.

This was the first major surgery for any of us, and, with inadequate supervision, we did not close him properly. By the next morning, his incision had opened and he was sitting on his small intestine. Hastily, we sewed him up again, and he survived. But it was a week or more before he could resume walks he had come to eagerly anticipated.

He would still wag his tail when we arrived and greet us with as much enthusiasm as he could muster.

The following week, again when he was under anesthesia, we broke his leg and repaired it with a steel pin. After this, Rodney seemed in almost constant pain, his temperature rose, and he didn't rebound as he had in the past. His resiliency gone, despite antibiotic treatment, he never recovered completely.

He could no longer manage his walks, and our visits generated only a weak thump of his tail. The shine was gone from his brown eyes. His operated leg remained stiff and swollen.

The quarter was ending, and Rodney's days were numbered. One afternoon we put him to sleep. As the life drained from his body and his eyes lost their focus, my attitude toward animal research began to change.

I am a scientist weaned on the scientific method. ... But after 15 years in the veterinary profession, I now believe there are moral and ethical considerations that outweigh benefits.

Because we happen to be the most powerful species on Earth, we humans have the ability - but not the right - to abuse the so-called lower animals. The ends do not justify the means.

(Author: Peter M. Henricksen)
16th-Apr-2006 03:49 am - seal hunt community
please join my new community:
Image hosting by Photobucket

i was looking for an anti-seal hunting lj community, and found there wasn't one! so i decided to make one myself. it isn't much (i just started it last night), but i hope people who believe the seal hunts are wrong will join, and help make this community useful. you can post anything related to seal hunting, as long as it's not encouraging it, haha. so, please come join ♥
15th-Apr-2006 05:04 am - easter

This Easter, Paint a Picture of Compassion

Holidays offer the perfect opportunity to help spread a message of compassion for all animals—both human and nonhuman. Here are some recipe and gift ideas for a cruelty-free Easter celebration that everyone can enjoy.

Animal-Friendly Easter Menu

  • Egg-Free Breakfast Scramble
  • Missing Egg Sandwich
  • Lots of Layers Lasagna
  • Creamy Chocolate Pudding

Vegan Treats to Fill Your Easter Basket with Joy

18th-Nov-2005 06:34 am - introduction =)
i thought i'd post a little introduction to bring some life in here ;) i joined a couple of days ago but so far didn't really have enough time to introduce myself... so i copied the thing from the info page, might be the easiest way ;)

Name: ilga
Age</b>: 23 (February 9th 1982)
Location: berlin, germoney (so please excuse my sometimes sad english)
Contact: i'm not really comfortable with having my email displayed in a public place so if needed, leave a comment in my lj and you'll get my contact details
Vegan, Vegetarian, or neither: grew up vegetarian and turned vegan about 8 years ago
Favorite Food: DIY pizza, chinese & thai dishes, potatoes with vegan cream, anything chocolatey, salad... and i love baking rolls =)
Interests: lots... arts & crafts, politics (including animal rights), literature, philosophy, psychology, witchcraft, herbs, tarot,...
Music: mostly punk, emo and hc but also some gothic, darkwave, rockabilly, psychobilly... anything really but what's on the charts, hiphop/rap, techno/dance and cheezy pop music.
Why did you join this community? thought i'd be nice to get some more exchange with likeminded people - you can never know too many of those, right? =)
What do you trade/swap? these days i'm only doing artistic decos since i stoped ordinary decos, FBs and lyrics. but i also love swapping anything that fits into an envelope like mix CDs, postcards, tea, recipes...
What do you want from a penpal? long interesting deep letters and honesty are the most important things i guess, i'm bored to death by superficial short letters...
Other things: since i got my diploma in summer (in Information Sciences) and continue being a student but with a proper lazy students life i finally have loads of time for my interests - that's why i became more active on lj... well, i'm not exactly looking for many new pals but if anyone is interested and feels we can connect, i'm always open to make new friends =)
10th-Nov-2005 11:28 am - Can you believe this?
Xeno lick
I was watching the news yesterday and they had a thingy about red squirrels(is that spelled right??) on. They are quite rare in England since most have been killed or driven away by grey squirrels. Anywho, there is now a red squirrel park somewhere in England, they have over 100 reds! That is really good news. However, any grey squirrels in the park are shot on sight. Is is just me that doesnt see the sense in this?? Surley they could just move them to a different area?
I just had to rant about that.
19th-Oct-2005 09:34 am - Fur trade in China
I have no words for it, except that it's simply the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.

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